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This course helped me learn step by step what to expect being a truck dispatcher. I was offered a position with a top dispatching company within a month and now I am making more money than I have ever made during a pandemic.

James Wilson jr.

Every course I found  was over $500 and there was no way I could have afford that especially during these times. This course was amazing... everything I needed to know and than some. I am so glad that I decided to purchase!

Rose Pines

I paid for a subscription to another course for $400. I purchased this course and it has everything the other course has and more.  I can also utilize the platform for a year which is great.

Thank you guys so much. Tons of information. I took my time and I feel like I truly learned what it takes to be successful in this industry.

Amanda Morales

 I have to admit the price had me thinking it might not be detailed or up to date but i was wrong. The course very easy to navigate and the audio option was big for me as I drive for work and I was able to learn 90 percent of the lessons while on the job. Thank you guys so much.

Stella Bryant

Great course. Would recommend for those who are interested in the trucking or dispatching industry

Phillip Smalls

Great course I receive my certificate upon completion and received a phone call the next day congratulating me.

Emma Seigler
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